A few tips on making your event even more social…


Corporate events tend to appear stiff and often serious when compared to events with no particular corporate theming. One of the factors responsible for this can be, “corporate culture”.

Yes it is true that consumers or events attendees, especially the Generation Y expect to have fun even at corporate events. The lack of this will leave a disconnect between the brand and her customers/attendees.

The question then is, how do we make a corporate event social?

One of the ways to achieve this is to hype the event in a larger-than-life way that compels prospective attendees to anticipate fun…

Another way of turning a regular physical event into a trending event that everyone wants to associate with is by encouraging online conversations.

A good example: So we had an event/concert few months ago, and our goal was beyond giving young people the platform to have fun; we wanted the event to go viral and spur the people online to wish to attend. Here’s what we did:

1) Live Streaming: Streamed the event live and encouraged customers online to be a part of the fun by watching and participating. We motivated them by giving out valuable souvenirs.

2) Live Social Media Feeds: Deployed huge screens at event venue to display live social media feeds [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c].   The purpose?  To create interactive connections with both the attendees and those online. Getting our guests to tweet from wherever and create fun. In doing this, our guest were guaranteed of a nice time, chatting with the online audience  who also felt ‘present’ at the event because of the heavy interactive engagement activities.

The Brand should not be missing in the equation; as you should actively respond to interesting comments while ensuring attendees have a fun time at the event, speak of killing two birds with one stone. It is only normal for the hash tags created #MTNLoudinnaija or #onapulsingp for the event to trend on Twitter. People will talk. [Interesting conversations, at that] so it will trend.

Bottom-line, whether it’s a concert, a launch or any corporate event you plan for your brand (that will involve external stakeholders), try to infuse some social engagements into it. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook to Google+ to just about any social media platform your TM visits.

It’s time to make your next corporate event trend for all the right reasons on Twitter.


Please feel free to drop us your thoughts on more tips to make an event even more social………..


Arafat Manliki

I am a brand marketing communications professional and a digital marketing expert with years of quality education & experience. I can also be referred to as one of Nigeria’s leading consumer tech lifestyle enthusiast. My interests include but are not limited to technology, gadgets, Soccer, traveling and a strong passion for music.

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice article, I agree with your online activities whilst holding an event with the aim to get the public or a certain crowd to participate, more so with the live streaming concept. Sometime ago we actually tried it out with a certain venue#ember creek.. It was an event held for the American and British communities of course powered by both embassies here in Nija. The result was pretty good but someppl felt differently. they dnt like it much as they would rather keep thier privacy within the event so. I belive it should be made known that the event will be streamed live b4 the event proper so guests are aware b4 hand and maybe get feedback as regards likes or dislikes. Creating a website for the event may aid the awareness level of the event and act as a proper platform for feedback as well as imortalising the event even after its been held. We at Touch Entertainment are working seriously to promote our “healthy feeding concept” at events, This is a process by which the demography of guests are taken into consideration. This guarantees a more relaxed feeding atmosphere and even- blend of menus making sure everybody is taken care of. We still make some of the best BBQ and food in Lagos and indeed Nigeria.