Become An Industry Leader

Become An Industry Leader








As you build your company into an increasingly more important player in your industry, your word begins to worth even more. I have gotten a few shout outs from bigger players and the media, simply for commenting on hot industry news, topics or being used as a quoted source on something the industry is psyched about.

Getting my content placed within GooglePlay and other big player platforms is a huge win – but an even bigger win is building relationships with the industry players, media personalities, reporters so you become a trusted, credible source. Once you have gotten a relationship with one or more of these players, getting featured in subsequent stories & invited to speak at industry functions only gets easier and easier.



Arafat Manliki

I am a brand marketing communications professional and a digital marketing expert with years of quality education & experience. I can also be referred to as one of Nigeria’s leading consumer tech lifestyle enthusiast. My interests include but are not limited to technology, gadgets, Soccer, traveling and a strong passion for music.

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