How Bluetooth is Making Our Lives Easier


By Tom Clark:

When you think of Bluetooth technology, you may be thinking of the Bluetooth headsets used to take calls when you are driving or simply don’t want to have the phone against your ear. Many people are now seeing Bluetooth in a whole different light and are now using it to make things easier to do than ever before.

Bluetooth has broadened its horizons and found itself almost indispensable in many different areas of technology today.

Here are five examples of how Bluetooth technology is making our lives easier.


Streaming Music to Your Sound System

There is something incredibly convenient about being able to relax in your bed, streaming music from your mobile to your sound system on the other side of the room. With the possibilities that services, such as Spotify, offer us in producing one-of-a-kind playlists, it is now easier than ever to enjoy that music without compromise, and Bluetooth just adds to the experience, meaning we no longer have to get out of bed to change the CD.

There are even external Bluetooth devices available to revamp old traditional speakers, giving them the ability to accept Bluetooth signals like modern Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Tracking Your Every Step

If you want to be able to track your child’s every step, Bluetooth stickers mean that you can see their every movement in real time on your smart phone. Although this is not for everyone, it can prove very useful for when you have accidentally lost track of your child in a busy place or have a missing pet that may just be in your next-door neighbor’s garden.

Opening Doors

Have you ever closed the front door behind yourself, just moments later to realize you left the keys on the kitchen table and won’t be able to get back in after work? If you are forgetful with your keys, then you may find it interesting to know that you can use a Bluetooth-driven smart phone app to unlock doors without the need for your keys. This is pretty useful if you can’t afford to get a new lock fitted and a set of new keys cut. You can also use the app to open your garage door if it is raining and you don’t want to leave the car.

Wireless Gaming

Tethered gaming handsets were restricting and meant that you had a limit of how far you could sit from the gaming console. PS3 and Nintendo Wii are strong advocates of wireless gaming, allowing their users to have a more realistic gaming experience. As televisions have got bigger, it has become more important to sit further away from the screen, without pulling the games console off the shelf.

Driving Music

Just as we all love the convenience of being able to stream music from our bed to our bedroom sound system, the same principle applies to car sound systems. When you are driving and want more choice than your collection of 3 CDs from years ago or the radio, it can be very convenient to stream all of your favorite music from your smart phone to your car’s sound system.

I have only covered five ways in which Bluetooth technology is making our everyday lives easier, but there are many more ways. One of the main areas we are seeing Bluetooth being used to great effect is the health and fitness industry, with a wide range of gadgets to monitor our activity. With the technology surrounding Bluetooth modules continuously evolving, who knows what Bluetooth will offer us in ten years’ time.

If you have any ideas of how Bluetooth is making your life easier, please let us know in the comments below.


Source: Tom Clark,

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