iPhone’s 7th Birthday



Seven years ago on Jan. 9, Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone to the public.

Several releases later, Apple has shipped more than 420 million units of its signature smartphone, as of September 2013. The iPhone sells so well that it makes up 53% of Apple’s overall revenue.

To celebrate the iphone’s anniversary, tell us your iPhone story…….

Arafat Manliki

I am a brand marketing communications professional and a digital marketing expert with years of quality education & experience. I can also be referred to as one of Nigeria’s leading consumer tech lifestyle enthusiast. My interests include but are not limited to technology, gadgets, Soccer, traveling and a strong passion for music.

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1 Response

  1. I do not have an iPhone story, but I do have an Apple Story. I have so many of them to tell but I do not know where to start from. All I can say is that Apple products have this personal connection with their users that makes their users loyal to brand.

    One of the greatest things for me about Apple is the detail they put into user experience.