New Social Network Promises to Share Revenue With Users








On Thursday 12th March 2015 a new social network launched simply called 8 The platform will differentiate itself from the pack by paying users. The network will allow members sign up to include ads on their personal profiles and earn 80% of revenue generated from the content.

When new social networks are introduced, they often seem like just another fad. What 8 is doing is more of a broad social experiment. “Will the draw of ad revenue convince users to switch”? if this model is successful, other platforms will have a hard time competing with a social network that literally pays its members.

8 is the brainchild of two people:

– Sue Fennessy, an ad industry veteran who founded and serves as chief executive of Standard Media Index, which provides data on advertising campaigns.

– Beth Haggerty, who has worked in various digital media businesses that have gone on to be acquired by the likes of Walt Disney Co. and Nielsen.

Ref: Marketing Dive

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