Report: Google Smartwatch to launch at IO, made by LG


by Derek Ross

According to a knower of things, @evleaks, Google’s long rumored entry into the budding smartwatch market will come at this year’s Google IO in June and will be manufactured by LG.

We haven’t heard much from Google regarding a smartwatch, often leaving tech bloggers and enthusiasts to piece the puzzle together over the past year.  We know that last year Google purchased WIMM, a smartwatch manufacturer, and quietly added the wearable company into the Android fold. We also know that Google has been awarded a patent or two forsmartwatches in the past, slowly adding to the intellectual property needed for successful entry into this market.

As for LG as the manufacturer of choice, LG and Google have a good history together, producing televisions with Google TV, the Nexus 4, and the recent Nexus 5. In fact, it was reported a year ago that LG was getting into the Android smartwatch craze, so this little gemshould be right up LG’s alley.



Image Source: T3 Concept

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