The Top 17 Social Media Acquisitions of 2013


Authored by Jason Keath.

1. Tumblr acquired by Yahoo

May 20 (blogging platform)


Yahoo brought in a major social network with Tumblr, with a young audience of content creators and curators. And they promised “not to screw it up.” Marissa Mayer certainly has plans for Yahoo to expand their already massive content offering. Tumblr will be a way to both expand their content and expose Yahoo content to a new and larger audience.

If they can not screw it up.

2. MoPub acquired by Twitter

Sept. 10 (mobile ad network)


Twitter went public in 2013 and it’s stock went on a tear. Whether that valuation is rational, probably not. The uniqueness of Twitter buys it a lot of good will. Far more people “like” Twitter than say Facebook.

However, Twitter has some serious revenue opportunities, and the MoPub acquisition shows you how to think about the company’s future. Twitter was is an advertising company, and more specifically, a mobile advertising company.

Twitter bought a lot this year. Their M&A funds jumped this year to 8X what they spent in 2012.

3. ExactTarget acquired by SalesForce

June 4 (digital marketing software)


Salesforce continues to build their marketing software juggernaut, one strategic piece at a time. This was a big one as ExactTarget was becoming a min-Salesforce of its own. Salesforce got a ton of software tools, a great marketing team, and a very impressive client list with this buy.

Plus, one of the larger email marketing solutions.

4. Topsy acquired by Apple

Dec. 2 (Twitter data/analytics)


The impact of Apple buying Topsy, one of three Twitter firehose vendors, is really an unknown. Apple has been a big boon for Twitter, integrating the social network into iOS 5 back in 2011.

Apple clearly sees value in Twitter data, perhaps just for research.

The potential here is a negative one though. If Topsy shuts down or simply languishes in Apple’s hands, it could mean one of the better Twitter search engines, and a major Twitter data source, becoming less useful to consumers and businesses.

5. Waze acquired by Google

June 11 (social mapping)


This is pretty simple. Google is good at maps. The best. And now they are better. Of course, this also stopped Facebook or anyone else from getting better at maps.

Plus, Waze has unique social and advertising layers to their service. Google likes both of those layers very much.

6. Compendium acquired by Oracle

Oct. 17 (content marketing software)


Oracle slowed down on their acquisitions a bit this year. They led the way in 2012, with four pickups that helped build out their very robust marketing cloud. Compendium is a very nice addition, as a strong content marketing software.

Compendium made its name as a blogging platform that enables strong SEO benefits. It should play pretty nicely with the rest of Oracle’s marketing software build.

7. Vine acquired by Twitter

Launched Jan. 24 (short video sharing)


This was actually a 2012 acquisition by Twitter, but since Twitter bought the platform before it ever launched, no one really knew about it until the app launched publicly in January.

I give Twitter, and Vine, a lot of credit for causing some clear disruption this year. Soon after Vine’s launch Instagram launched their own video clone of the product. Both services innovated to provide some great options for consumers and businesses.

I also think Vine’s embed feature, built off of Twitter’s embed feature, forced both Instagram and Facebook to replicate this functionality.

8 & 9. Twitter acquires Bluefin and Trendrr

blue  trendrr


Bluefin Labs was acquired by Twitter on Feb. 6 and Trendrr was acquired by Twitter on Aug. 28. Both companies are social TV analytics vendors. Twitter clearly wants to solidify and expand on their success with TV and Hollywood customers.

Their Nielsen partnership and these acquisitions demonstrate how important the entertainment vertical is to Twitter’s business.

10. Pulse acquired by LinkedIn

April 11 (news reader)


Acquiring Pulse was a very clear move form LinkedIn to expand their content and curation features. In 2013, LinkedIn made a lot of strategic moves. Their native ads got very strong and the homepage got a lot more interesting.

Pulse and LinkedIn’s featuring of business leader content are a big part of the social network’s attempt to bring users back to the site more often.

11. Atlas acquired by Facebook

Feb. 28 (ad analytics)


Facebook made a big pickup here from Microsoft to help build out their ad analytics solutions even more. Facebook ads are Facebook’s revenue. They are not diversified. One of their big challenges is helping businesses understand how to get value from Facebook ads. Enhancing their ad analytics, with Atlas, could help that effort.

12. Storify acquired by Livefyre

Sept. 9 (social media curation)


I am a big fan of what Storify has done. I think they have driven Twitter and Facebook to improve the curation and embedding tools available on their sites. It will be very interesting to see what Livefyre does with the platform.

Brands (and publishers) need new ways to capture these  social conversations off the major sites so that they can actively engage with them. Livefyre has done a lot of innovative things, starting with their commenting technology. But having seen entire social hubs they built for campaigns like this Fall’s PlayStation 4 launch, they are clearly not content to be a commenting platform only.

13. Foodspotting acquired by OpenTable

Jan. 29 (food focused social network)


Really happy that Foodspotting got picked up by OpenTable. A very sound niche service provider found great relevance from the equally niche social and mobile Foodspotting. Great fit.

14. Lanyrd acquired by Eventbrite

Sept. 3 (event directory)


Lanyrd is a great conference directory that allows users to crowdsource all event data on the site. It connects speaker pages, event companies, topics and more. They had yet to really monetize. It will be interesting to see how EventBrite uses the service. At a minimum there should be an easy “promote on Lanyrd” premium option added right away.

If I were LinkedIn, I would be looking at Eventbrite as a future potential acquisition.

15. Dispatch acquired by Meetup

Oct. 9 (group email)


The “meta” part of this story is that Dispatch‘s founders originally met at a Meetup event. However, Meetup is serious about using the Dispatch technology to improve how the communication tools within their Meetup groups. Dispatch is the anti-reply-all company whose focus is on improving online group collaboration.

16. Carrot Creative acquired by Vice

Dec. 11 (social media agency)


Carrot Creative is a quality social media agency in Brooklyn. Most social agencies get bought up by larger Ad or PR agencies. But not Carrot. Teaming up with Vice, a media company, will be an interesting combo. Carrot Creative will help market Vice’s editorial content to larger audiences as well as work with Vice partner brands.

17. Neolane acquired by Adobe

June 27 (automated conversional marketing)


Adobe picked up Neolane to help beef up the automated marketing portion of their marketing suite. Neolane brings with it, to Adobe, the ability to handle lead generation management and manage campaigns across multiple channels.


Arafat Manliki

I am a brand marketing communications professional and a digital marketing expert with years of quality education & experience. I can also be referred to as one of Nigeria’s leading consumer tech lifestyle enthusiast. My interests include but are not limited to technology, gadgets, Soccer, traveling and a strong passion for music.

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